WMA Diary for September 2020

Meetings in Nottinghamshire

Date Type Order Hall Activity
1 Tue Meeting Craft WK North Notts Masters Lodge(I)
  Meeting KT NT Nottinghamshire KT(I)
  Meeting OSM MA Notts Conclave OSM(I)
2 Wed Meeting Chapter NK Newark Vernon Bussell Chapter
  Meeting Rose Croix MA Maun RC Chapter
  Meeting Red Cross WB Trent RCC Conclave
3 Thu Meeting Craft WK Dukeries Lodge
  Meeting Red Cross MA Mansfield RCC Conclave(I)
4 Fri Meeting Rose Croix NT Persapientium RC Chapter
  Meeting Red Cross NT St. Marys RCC Conclave(I)
7 Mon Meeting Craft WK Worksop Priory Lodge
  Meeting Craft NT Walesby Forest
  Meeting Chapter NT Excelsior Chapter(I)
  Meeting Rose Croix WB Edwalton RC Chapter(I)
8 Tue Meeting Craft NT Excalibur Lodge
  Meeting Chapter NT Southwell Chapter(I)
  Meeting RAM NK Newark-on-Trent RAM
  Meeting TA WB Sir Richard de Bingham STA(I)
9 Wed Meeting Craft GQ Grand Lodge
  Meeting Rose Croix NT Rufford RC Chapter
10 Thu Meeting Craft MA Ravenshead Lodge(I)
  Meeting Craft CH Bramcote Lodge
  Meeting Craft WB Lodge of Charity(I)
  Meeting Craft WK North Notts. Rotary Lodge(I)
  Meeting Rose Croix NT Nottingham RC Chapter
11 Fri Meeting KT NK Pilgrim KT(M)
  Meeting Rose Croix NT Galway RC Chapter
14 Mon Meeting Craft NT Commercial Lodge
  Meeting Craft NT Notts. Installed Masters(I)
  Meeting Chapter MA Ashfield Chapter(I)
15 Tue Meeting Craft WK Ryton Lodge
  Meeting Chapter NT Duke of Portland Chapter
  Meeting Mark NT Galway Mark Lodge(I)
  Meeting Rose Croix MA Trinity RC Chapter
  Meeting Rose Croix NT Harlequin RC Chapter
16 Wed Meeting Craft NT St. Marys Lodge(I)
  Meeting Craft RT East Retford Lodge(I)
  Meeting Craft WK Stewart Hill Lodge(I)
  Meeting Chapter WB The Harlequin(I)
  Meeting Mark NT Carnarvon Mark Lodge
17 Thu Meeting Craft WK Pelham Lodge
  Meeting Craft MA Byron Lodge
  Meeting Craft NK The Newark(I)
  Meeting Rose Croix NT Wingfield RC Chapter
18 Fri Meeting Craft NT De Vere Lodge
  Meeting Allied WB Notts Council AMD
19 Sat Meeting Craft NT Le Willows Lodge(I)
21 Mon Meeting Craft WB The Trent Lodge(I)
  Meeting Chapter RT North Notts Principals Chapter(I)
  Meeting Rose Croix NT Walthall RC Chapter(I)
  Meeting Rose Croix CH Chilwell RC Chapter
  Meeting Red Cross NT Nottingham RCC Conclave
  Meeting Allied MA Maun Council AMD(I)
22 Tue Meeting Craft NT Woodthorpe Lodge(I)
  Meeting Mark WK Bassetlaw Mark Lodge(I)
  Meeting Mark NT Nottm. Excelsior Mark Lodge(I)
  Meeting Red Cross NK Newark Castle RCC Conclave
23 Wed Meeting Craft NT United Service Lodge of Notts.(I)
  Meeting Chapter WK Pelham Chapter
  Meeting Chapter MA Forest Chapter
  Meeting Mark NT The Magdala
  Meeting RAM WB West Bridgford RAM(I)
24 Thu Meeting Craft WB Castle Lodge(I)
  Meeting Craft NT University of Nottm Lodge(I)
  Meeting Chapter CH Galway Chapter(I)
  Meeting Mark NK Fleming Mark Lodge(I)
  Meeting Rose Croix RT Normanton RC Chapter(I)
25 Fri Meeting Craft NT Annesley Lodge
  Meeting Craft MA Clumber Lodge
  Meeting Chapter NT Clifton Chapter(I)
28 Mon Meeting Craft NT Porchester Lodge
  Meeting Craft MA Mansfield Lodge(I)
  Meeting Mark NT Ribblesdale Mark Lodge(I)
  Meeting R & Select CH Trent Council RSM
30 Wed Meeting Chapter NT Abbey Chapter