WMA Diary for June 2022

Meetings in Nottinghamshire

Date Type Order Hall Activity
1 Wed Meeting Craft NT Notts. Installed Masters
2 Thu Meeting Mark CH Notts Combined Provincial Stewards Lodge(I)
  Meeting Conclave WB Trent RCC Conclave
3 Fri Meeting Conclave MA Divisional Conclave
6 Mon Meeting RAM MA Ashfield RAM
  Meeting Rose Croix CH Chilwell RC Chapter
7 Tue Meeting Conclave NK Newark Castle RCC Conclave
8 Wed Meeting Craft GQ Grand Lodge
  Meeting ROS WB Royal Order of Scotland
9 Thu Meeting Mark NT Fitzhugh Mark Lodge
10 Fri Meeting RAM CH Chilwell RAM(I)
13 Mon Meeting RAM WK Worksop RAM(I)
14 Tue Meeting KT WK Pelham KT(I)
  Meeting Rose Croix MA Trinity RC Chapter
  Meeting Conclave NT Cremara RCC Conclave
15 Wed Meeting Craft WK Stewart Hill Lodge
  Meeting R & Select CH Trent Council RSM(I)
  Meeting KTP MA Notts KTP Tabernacle(I)
16 Thu Meeting Craft MA Ravenshead Lodge
  Meeting KT NT Abbey Chapter KT(M)
17 Fri Meeting Allied WB Notts Council AMD(I)
20 Mon Meeting Chapter RT North Notts Principals Chapter
  Meeting Conclave NT Nottingham RCC Conclave(I)
  Meeting OSM WB Ernehale Conclave OSM
21 Tue Meeting Mark NT The Arthur Morley Custance(I)
22 Wed Meeting Craft WK North Notts Masters Lodge
  Meeting RAM WB Galway RAM
  Meeting Conclave NT St. Marys RCC Conclave
23 Thu Meeting KT NT Clermont KT
  Meeting Rose Croix MA St. Edwin RC Chapter
24 Fri Meeting Chapter NT Clifton Chapter
  Meeting R & Select NT Nottingham Council RSM(I)
  Meeting Conclave CH Chilwell RCC Conclave(I)
27 Mon Meeting Mark NT Ribblesdale Mark Lodge
28 Tue Meeting Conclave RT Retford RCC Conclave